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Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color

    Buy cheap Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color from wholesalers
    Buy cheap Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color from wholesalers

    Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color

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    Brand Name : Minolta
    Model Number : CM-2600d / 2500d
    Certification : CE, ISO9001, ROHS, FCC, TUV, SCM
    Price : 1
    Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union
    Supply Ability : 100000
    Delivery Time : 2 days
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    Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color

    Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color measurement instrument for plastic

    The most economical model for color measurement in the field of plastic, textile, electronic, otomotive, leather industries.

    Easy use, ergonomic design and precious measurement ability all-in-one.

    Patented tecnology of KonicaMinolta, Simultanous SCI/SCE is embeded also. Either get result via LCD on it or connect to a PC for more advanced affairs.
    Illumination/viewing systemd/8 geometry (SCI/SCE)
    DetectorSilicon photodiode (40 pairs)
    Sphere diameter52 mm
    Measurement range360-740nm, 10nm intervals
    Reflectance range0 to 175% with 0.01% resolution
    Light sourceXenon (2 pcs.)
    Mesurement time1.5 second
    Measurement interval3 seconds
    Battery performanceApprox. 1000 measurement
    Measuring/Illumination area8mm/11mm
    RepeatibilitySpectral reflectance: %0.2
    Standard deviation: %0.4
    Chromatic deviation: dE*ab: 0.08 max.
    (white calibration plate has been measured 30 times at 10 seconds intervals)
    Inter-instrument agreementdE*ab 0.4 max
    Light sourcesA, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12
    2 light sources can be displayed simultanopusly
    DisplaySpectral values, graphs, colorimetric values, differences, PASS/FAIL assessments, relative glossTayf değer ve grafikleri, kolorimetrik değerler, fark değerleri, geçer/kalır yorumları, bağıl parlaklık değeri.

    L*a*b*, L*C*h, Yxy, XYZ, MI, De*ab, CMC(1:1), CMC(2:1), CIE94, CIE DE2000, ASTM E313, Whitness, ASTM D1925 Yellowness indices.
    MemoryMeasurement: 1700 pcs.
    Display typeLCD (B&W)
    Power4 pcs. AA size or spacial adaptor
    Dimensions69 mm x 96 mm x 193 mm
    Approx. 670g (without batteries)
    Operating conditions0 to 45°C, relative humidity: 80% max. No condensation
    Standard accesoriesWhite calibration plate, RS232 cable, AC adapter and 4 pcs batteries
    Optional accesoriesHard case, black calibration box, dust cover

    8mm 4mm apertures portable spectrophotometer with color management system YS3060 &CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer

    Easy Operation Color SpectrophotometerHigh Precise Portable Spectrophotometer
    Product Instroduction

    YS30 Series grating spectrophotometer adopts bluetooth and USB dual modes for wider use, and with SCI & SCE measurement data, it is compatible with many famous brands. 8mm, 4mm or customized aperture is optional. Speical UV light makes YS3060 easy to measure sample with UV and high accuracy and extended function PC software let it be good partner for colorist and color quality contral management.
    YS3060 UV Grating Spectrophotometer
    Full Illuminants + UV, 8mm&4mm Apertures, SCI&SCE, Bluetooth Comm, High Precision.
    YS3020 Grating Spectrophotometer
    Multi-illuminants, Customizable Aperture, SCI&SCE, Bluetooth Comm, High Precision.
    YS3010 Grating Spectrophotometer
    4 Illuminants, 8mm Aperture, SCI&SCE, Good Precision.

    Comply with CIE No.15,GB/T 3978,GB 2893,GB/T 18833,ISO7724/1,ASTM E1164,DIN5033 Teil7, YS3060 grating spectrophotometer features UV, SCI/SCE, USB / bluetooth, 8mm / 4mm switch aperture, etc. It has high accuracy 0.03 based on white calibration plate measured 30 times at 5 seconds intervals after white calibration was performed.


    A.Perfect combination of beautiful appearance and the human body mechanics structural design;

    B.D/8 geometrical optics, conforms with CIE No.15,GB/T 3978,GB2893, GB/T 18833, ISO7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN5033 Teil

    C.Use long life and low power consumption combined LED light source, including UV/excluding UV;

    D.Single 8mm aperture, support both SCI and SCE at the same time;

    E.Measure sample spectra, accurate Lab data , can be used in color matching and accurate color transmission;

    F.High electronic hardware configuration: 3.5-inch TFT color LCD,Capacitive Touch Screen, concave grating, 256 Iimage Element Double Arrays CMOS Image Sensor;

    G.USB/Bluetooth 2.1, dual mode, widely useful;

    H.Super stain-resistant and stable standard white calibration plate;

    I.Large capacity storage space, over 20,000 measurement data;

    J.Two standard observer angles, a variety of illuminant, a variety of color indexes, conforms with a variety of standard colorimetric data, meet a variety of customers' demand for color measurement;

    K.Camera Locating Function, better position;

    l.PC software has a powerful function extension.

    Model ItemsYS3060YS3020YS3010
    Optical GeometryReflect: di:8°, de:8°(diffused illumination, 8-degree viewing angle)
    Integrating Sphere Size48mm
    Light SourceCombined LED Light, UV LightCombined LED Light
    Spectrophotometric ModeConcave Grating
    Sensor256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor
    Wavelength Range400-700nm
    Wavelength Interval10nm
    Semiband Width10nm
    Measured Reflectance Range0-200%
    Measuring ApertureDual Aperture: 10mm/8mm & 5mm/4mmCustomized Aperture: 8mm/4mm/1×3mmSingle Aperture: 8mm/10mm
    Specular ComponentSCI&SCE
    Color SpaceCIE Lab, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, CIE LUV, Hunter LAB
    Color Difference FormulaΔE*ab, ΔE*uv, ΔE*94, ΔE*cmc(2:1), ΔE*cmc(1:1), ΔE*00v, ΔE(Hunter)
    Other Colorimetric Index

    WI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter),

    YI(ASTM D1925, ASTM 313),TI(ASTM E313, CIE/ISO),

    Metamerism Index MI, Staining Fastness, Color Fastness, Color Strength, Opacity, 8° Glossiness

    Observer Angle2°/10°
    IlluminantD65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F2, F7, F11D65, A, C, D50
    Displayed DataSpectrogram/Values, Samples Chromaticity Values, Color Difference Values/Graph, PASS/FAIL Result, Color Offset
    Measuring Time2.6s
    RepeatabilityMAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.03MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.05MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.06
    Inter-instrument ErrorMAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.15MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.2MAV/SCI: ΔE*≤0.4
    Measurement ModeSingle Measurement, Average Measurement
    Locating MethodCamera View Finder Locating
    BatteryLi-ion battery. 5000 measurements within 8 hours
    Illuminant Life Span5 years, more than 3 million times measurements
    Display3.5-inch TFT color LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen
    Data PortUSB, Bluetooth 4.0USB
    Data StorageStandard 2000 Pcs, Sample 20000 Pcs
    LanguageEnglish, Chinese
    Operating Environment0~40℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing), Altitude < 2000m
    Storage Environment-20~50℃, 0~85%RH (no condensing)
    Standard AccessoryPower Adapter, Built-In Li-ion Battery, User Guide, PC Software, White and Black Calibration Cavity, Dust Cover
    Optional AccessoryMicro Printer, Powder Test Box
    Notes: The specifications are subject to change without notice.

    Application Industry

    Grating spectrophotometer can easily achieve color transferring , and be used as a precision instrument for color matching system. It's widely used in plastics, electronics, painting, ink, textile and garment, printing and dyeing, printing paper, automotive, medical, cosmetics and food industries, scientific research institutes, schools and laboratories.

    Product Details
    Colorimeter Spectrophotometer Certifications

    All color spectrophotometer and colorimeters have one year warranty from the purchase date. If it has something wrong during warranty, you can send it back to us. The buyer pays for the returning shipping cost and we will pay for the sending shipping cost.

    Waiting for your inquiry, any more questions I will reply you within 24 hours


    Contact: Melorae Huang

    Skype: melorae_3nh_

    QQ: 1963103823

    Whatsapp: 86-13925280965

    Quality Knoica Minolta CM2300D xenon lamp spectrophotometer d/8 geometry (SCI/SCE) color for sale
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