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Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll

    Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers
    Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers
    • Buy cheap Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll from wholesalers

    Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll

    Ask Lasest Price
    Brand Name : Konica minolta
    Model Number : SPAD 502
    Certification : CE, ISO9001, ROHS, FCC, TUV, SCM
    Price : 1500 usd
    Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union
    Supply Ability : 100000
    Delivery Time : 2 days
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    Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502 chlorophyll analyzer chlorophyll

    Konica Minolta Chlorophyll Meter SPAD 502

    Recommend Products:

    YS 3060 Handheld Spectrophotometer

    * Measure with UV included for fluorescent samples or UV excluded for normal samples.

    * Specular included/excluded or combined in one reading for glossy/matte samples(SCI/SCE).

    * Reflectance color measurement for liquids,powder,paste (with attachment).

    * Switchable 4mm or 8 mm aperture for large and small samples.

    * Integrated camera to precisely target measured area.

    NS 800 45/0 Spectrophotometer

    NS 800 45/0 Spectrophotometer

    * Spectral measurement (400-700 nm) for color difference assessment in multiple illuminants.

    * 45°/0° optical geometry is more closely correlated with visual assessment.

    * Repeatability ΔE*ab 0.04, and inter- instrument ΔE*ab 0.2 for close tolerance work .

    * 3.5 inch touch screen slanted at 15° angle to make it easier to read.

    * Includes Color QC desktop software to connect the device with a PC for additional functions.

    NHG268 Multi-Angle Gloss Meter

    NHG268 Multi-Angle Gloss Meter

    * Three gloss angles in one device covers the entire range from low to high gloss

    * One button measures gloss at 20, 60 and 85° for the same location.

    * Comply with ISO 2813, GB/T 9754, ASTM D523, ASTM D2457.

    * Multiple measurement modes - basic, statistical, continuous, QC (with GQC6 software).

    * Stores over 5000 measurement​ and Display 5 sets of measurement data on the screen for comparison.

    T90-7 Camera Viewer Color Check Box

    T90-7 Camera Viewer Color Check Box

    * 7 light source, 4 sets of LED light (D65, A, D50, UV,), 3 sets of fluorescent light source(U30, TL84, U35).

    * Adjustable illumination light range from 10 lux to 1000 lux.

    * Display the using time and times of every light source.

    * Automatic switch among light sources, with metamerism function.

    * Metal material box, durable in use.


    1. SPAD 502 PLUS
    2. chlorophyll analyzer
    3. chlorophyll tester

    SPAD-502 Plus Konica chlorophyll meter made in japn

    chlorophyll meter, chlorophyll analyzer, chlorophyll tester

    Measures leaf chlorophyll, an important indicator of plant health.
    The SPAD-502Plus performs quick measurements of the chlorophyll content of leaves without damaging the leaf. Its lightweight, splashproof design make it ideal for measurements in the field.

    Non-destructive measurement of plant chlorophyll
    The SPAD-502Plus enables quick, easy measurement of the chlorophyll content of plant leaves without damaging the leaf. Chlorophyll content is one indicator of plant health, and can be used to optimize the timing and quantity of applying additional fertilizer to provide larger crop yields of higher quality with lower environmental load.
    Product Overview
    Quick, easy measurement of chlorophyll levels in plant leaves without damaging the leaf.

    Measurements are taken by just closing the measuring head on the leaf. Since the leaf is not cut off or damaged in any other way, the same leaf can be measured as the plant grows.
    Trend graph display

    Up to 30 measurements can be stored in memory and displayed on a trend graph, so that changes in measurements over time can be seen and abnormal values can be noticed at a glance.
    The SPAD-502Plus is water-resistant (IPX-4) so it can be used outdoors even in the rain.
    It is not immersible, and should not be washed with water.
    Compact and lightweight for portability
    The SPAD-502Plus is small enough to fit in a pocket and weighs only 200g, so it can be taken anywhere.
    Low power consumption
    The SPAD-502Plus uses LED light sources, resulting in extremely low power consumption, with approximately 20,000 measurements from one set of fresh alkaline-manganese batteries.
    Principal Applications
    Monitoring of growth and health of plants

    The SPAD-502Plus can be used to monitor the growth and health status of a wide variety of agricultural products, including wheat, rice, corn, cotton, etc.
    Nitrogen fertilization optimization
    The SPAD-502Plus can be used for determining when and how much nitrogen fertilizer should be provided to plants. Optimizing fertilization in this way leads to not only greater yields of higher quality, but also results in less over-fertilization, reducing environmental contamination due to the leaching of excess fertilizer into the soil and underground water.
    A=123450 means measuring areas .Unit is mm2 .Press “V” key

    Chroma Meter CL-200 of Konica Minolta

    Handheld and lightweight instrument for color, illuminance and color temperature measurements.

    Practically anything that illuminates can be measured with Konica Minolta's incident color meters. The possible uses range from research and development to production.

    The CL-200 is a lux meter with a color function for workplace and street illumination, the production of lamps, or the measurement of very large surfaces and projectors (ANSI lumens) by taking advantage of the serial connection of several receptor heads.

    The CL-200 is a replacement for two instruments - the CL-100 and XY-1- and includes many new features. Immediate measurement is possible from turning on the unit by quick automatic zero adjustment so it is always ready to move at the speed of light. Sometimes it is necessary to measure remotely for matters of safety or convenience so the CL-200 receptor can be separated and connected up to 100m away from the measuring body by LAN cable. An RS-232 interface is built in to allow connection to PC and connection to thermal printer is also optional should a printout of measured data be required for validation.


    • Compact - hand-held, lightweight design
    • Portable - battery operated, receptor head can also be detached from the main body for remote measurements
    • User-friendly - low battery indicator, can be controlled by a PC, easily transfer data to Excel, and includes a calibration function
    • Simultaneous measurements - has the ability to determine illuminance, color temperature, chromaticity, dominant wavelength, and excitation purity of a light source
    • Ideal for white LEDs - can measure the chromaticity from the phosphor as well as inspect the final product
    • Multi-use - can be used for any light source, ideal for LEDs and OLEDs
    • LED ranking function - using the included software, users can rank measurements on a chromaticity chart for easy comparison
    • A single unit used for data display and key operations can be connected to as many as 30 receivers.
    • Automatic calibration
    • PC and printer access
    • PC-Software optional
    • Leasing from ca. 59,00 Euro net monthly


    ModelIncident Color Meter CL-200
    Relative spectral responseClosely matches CIE standard observer curves x(?), y(?), and z(?)
    Within 8% (f1') of the CIE spectral luminous efficiency V(?)
    ReceptorSilicon photocell
    Measurement functionsTristimulus values:XYZ
    Chromaticity coordinates:Ev xy, Ev u'v'
    Correlated color temperature:Ev, Tcp, ?uv
    Color difference:?(XYZ), ?(Ev xy), ?(Ev u'v'), ?Ev?u'v'
    (One target color)
    Other functionsUser calibration function, Data hold function, Multi-point measurement (2 to 30 receptors)
    Measuring range0.1 to 99,990 lx, 0.01 to 9,999 fcd (Chromaticity: 5 lx, 0.5 fcd or above) in four automatically selected ranges
    AccuracyEv: ±2%, ±1 digit of displayed value (based on Konica Minolta standard)
    xy: ±0.002 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
    RepeatabilityEv: 0.5% ±1 digit (2?) xy: ±0.0005 (800 lx, Standard Illuminant A measured)
    Temperature driftEv: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value xy: ±0.003
    Humidity driftEv: ±3%, ±1 digit of displayed value xy: ±0.003
    Response time0.5 sec. (continuous measurement)
    Digital outputRS-232C
    Display4 Significant-digit LCD with back-light illumination
    Operating temperature/humidity range-10 to 40°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
    Storage temperature/humidity range-20 to 55°C, relative humidity 85% or less (at 35°C) with no condensation
    Power source2 AA-size batteries / AC adapter (optional)
    Battery life72 hours or longer (when alkaline batteries are used in continuous measurement
    Dimensions69 × 174 × 35mm (2-3/4 × 6-7/8 × 1-3/8 in.)
    Weight215g (7.6 oz) not including batteries
    Standard accessoriesSoft case, lens cap, neck strap, batteries
    Optional accessoriesAdditional receptors, Adapter Unit for Main Body T-A20; Adapter Unit for Receptor Head T-A21; AC Adapter AC-A10 (AC-A10N in North America); Data Management Software CL-S1w; Printer Cable T-A12; Connecting Cable T-A11 (for PC); Hood CL-A11; Hard Case CL-A10

    C7000 LUX METER

    Lighting solutions and applications have never been in greater demand and expansion as they are today. With the overwhelming popularity of these new light sources such as advanced LED and Organic Electroluminescence, the need to understand, manage and control these sophisticated illumination systems is essential. Manufacturing quality and process along with varying color and illumination qualities can often result in consistency issues. To address these lighting challenges, Sekonic Corporation, a leader for over six decades providing advanced precision lighting control for the Photo / Video / Cine industry has offered an ergonomic, intuitive Spectrometer, the SPECTROMASTER C-7000.

    The new SPECTROMASTER C-7000 is a portable handheld spectrometer, designed especially for industrial use. Utilizing Sekonic’s CMOS linear image sensor design and software, the
    C-7000 can measure every light source (LED, HMI, fluorescent, natural light and electronic flash spectrum) with remarkable precision and data feedback.

    Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash in 1 nanome- ter (nm) output wavelength increments from 380 to 780 nm. It conforms to re- quirement of “Illuminance meter class” for JIS C 1609-1: 2006 “Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments” Class A, and DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C.

    With the C-7000 Utility software, output of memorized data is provided at every 1nm (nanometer) increments in CSV format. The C-7000 can be utilized to measure data for light manufactures quality control, medical facilities, educational / office safety and health standards, agricultural lighting / design and many more industrial uses.


    Wide Measurement Range of Color Temperature and Illuminance

    Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,563 to 100,000K) and illumination (1 to 200,000lx = 0.1 to 18,600fc in ambient light, 20 to 20,500lx • s = 1.86 to 1,900fc • s in flash light)

    User-Friendly Design

    270º swivel head, dark calibration without cap, large 4.3” color touch panel LCD and Customize function, convenient AA batteries for power source.

    Various Display Items

    Various Display Items

    * Correlated color temperature (Tcp),
    * CIE1931(CIE1964) Chromaticity Coordinates
    * CIE1976 Chromaticity Coordinates
    * Lux(lx) or Foot-Candle(fc) – ambient light
    * Lux sec. (Hlx) or Foot-Candle sec. (Hfc)–flash light
    * Tristimulus Value (X ,Y ,Z)
    * Deviation ( Delta uv)
    * CRI (Ra / R1 to R15)
    * Peak Wavelength (λp)
    * Dominant Wavelength (λd)
    * Purity (Pe)
    * PPFD: Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (μmolm-2s-1)

    C-7000 Specifications

    Display Items Library

    Illuminance Meter Class

    * Class A of JIS C 1609-1: 2006 “Illuminance meters Part 1: General measuring instruments”

    * DIN 5032 Part 7 Class C

    SensorCMOS linear image sensor
    Spectral Wavelength Range380nm to 780nm
    Output Wavelength Pitch1nm (Requires the C-7000 Utility to output memorized data)
    Spectral BandwidthApprox. 11 nm (half bandwidth)
    Measuring RangeAmbient light: 1 to 200,000lx (= 0.1 to 18,600fc), 1,563 to 100,000K (more than 5lx required)
    Flash light: 20 to 20,500lx • s (= 1.86 to 1,900fc • s), 1,563 to 100,000K
    Accuracy (Standard Illuminant A)Illuminance: ±5% + 1digit (1 to 3,000lx)
    x,y: 0.003 (Standard Illuminant A, 800lx)
    Repeatability (Standard Illuminant A)Illuminance: 1%+1 digit (30 to 200,000lx), 5%+1 digit (1 to 29.9lx)
    x,y: 0.001 (500 to 200,000lx)
    x,y: 0.002 (100 to 499lx)
    x,y: 0.004 (30 to 99.9lx)
    x,y: 0.008 (5 to 29.9lx)
    Visible-region Relative Spectral Response Characteristics (f1’)9% or less
    Cosine Response (f2)6% or less
    Temperatutre CharacteristicIlluminance: ±5% of indicated value
    x,y: ±0.006 (Standard Illuminant A, 1000lx)
    Humidity CharacteristicIlluminance: ±3% of indicated value
    x,y: ±0.006 (Standard Illuminant A, 1000lx)
    Power SourceAA (1.5V) x 2 pcs, USB bus power
    Measurement TimeAmbient: Auto - Max.: 15 sec., Min.: 0.5 sec.
    Ambient : Manual - 0.1s, 1sec.
    Flash: 1 to 1/500 sec. (in 1 step)
    Measuring ModesText mode, Spectrum mode, Spectrum Comparison mode, CRI mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) mode, CIE1931 (CIE1964) Comparison mode, CIE1976 mode, CIE1976 Comparison mode
    Other FunctionsUp to 999 memory, Preset function, Auto power off, Auto Dimmer, 2 or 10 deg. Filed of View Setting
    Display languagesEnglish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) - factory preset, user cannot change.
    InterfaceUSB 2.0
    Operating Temperature-10 to 40 ºC
    Storage Temperature-10 to 60 ºC

    73mm (w) × 183mm (h) × 27mm (d) = 2.9” (w) x 7.2” (h) x 1.1” (d)

    (excluding protruding part of light receiving) max. thickness 40mm (d) = 1.6” (d)

    Weight230g without batteries

    Company Information

    3nh Colorimeter Company

    Other products:

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